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This piece was written for my daughter during its learning of the piano. It is necessary to prick the left hand and to bind only tongs to the right. For the measures 9-14, it is necessary to transform the rhythm tongs to the right into double-pointed tongs.


Sad blues

This piece was originally written for the singer Eddy, native of DOM-TOM, and intended for a spectacle of the troop "illicit dance" of the choreographer Saint-Quentinois Olaf Sibi. The piece became more jazzy with Fabienne and Caroline, then very "blues in Tom Waits" with Nicolas and its group "Les gentlemen". Recently, it is the music which will be of use as base to a work of the pupils of the school "Les Molières" in Essarts le Roi, so that they write in group their own song. In the measures 41-44, transform tongs into double-pointed tongs for more rhythm. Highlight the superior note of the agreements of the right hand (theme) and the thumb of the right hand in the measures 25 in 40.


Spring 2

This piece, I wrote it at about the 1995s. The title : Printemps. (Finally, for what that wants to say… ). In this time, I travelled by train, every day, to go to my work. One hour of travel. I had the time to read and to write. Even of the music. I had made the harmonious analysis of Beethoven's sonatina. I used this harmonious walking to write "Printemps". I lengthened, added the whole blocks, changed the rhythmic and the tempo. In fact, there is only a structure, a skeleton on which I put back a new flesh and some laces. Main character : birdbrain ! The Baroque’s music is based on the independence of the voices. From the 18-th century, one accompanies a melody. For the Baroque, the voices are quite equal, everybody speaks together. One always finds this way of making in the jazz (New Orleans) and the music Klezmer. "Printemps" is written in this style. There are 3 parts which quarrel, complement each other, converse, enjoy themselves. Three parts, three voices : guitar, stamp : Rain, and piano. For me, it is a piece which makes smile and the same laughter. It is as well for me, a sign that it is not so bad as that.