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Ostinato n°1

The ostinato n°1 is a piece which is of use as conclusion to the suite for piano "Saint Quentin, ville nouvelle" although having before been written. It follows upon a prelude, and the group honours the children of the School of Saint François d' Assise de Montigny Le Bretonneux who were the victims of the avalanche of Orres in January, 1998. It is dedicated to Estelle, a pupil, who had the luck to be alive.


Fax to Elise

The short version of Fax à Elise whom you can download here is the first part of a composition which makes 4 minutes 30. The long version was written for a spectacle of dance and piano the first of which took place in the Cultural Space Alphonse Daudet of Coignières in May, 2001. I imagine the history of a child working his exercises on the subject of the " Letter to Elise " and which dreams that he becomes a pianist, the fingers playing without efforts on the keyboard, reinventing Beethoven's work.




I was born in modest one family worker, in a town of the Southwest of Quebec. However, I was always surrounded with music and with literature. My brothers listened to Beethoven and Gershwin, indifferently, and my mother read the life of Ste-Thérèse d’Avila; my sisters, them, read all the novels which the municipal library offered them. I had access to the piano rather early.

Let us put at once things in the light: except for some lessons of piano in the seminar, (not, I did not tend to the priesthood, but it was the only place where one offered the collective education) I also learnt to manage alone. But the school did not answer to my tastes. Music, history and literature, there was only that which interested me. I should have a nature fundamentally self-taught because finally I educated myself alone, musically and literally.

Side music, it is the composition which interested me. But my major problem was the harmony. I admit that I needed years before I understand the system.

Then, I met a young talented violinist, playing as well the piano as the violin and a very good composer. During 9 years, until its death ( 31 years old), we made of the music together. All this was lost in a move.

I continued with a little less heat until the computer discovers. I lost however many thing : my hard disk a beautiful day, draining away a good part of what I had written. I copy everything now to floppy disk. One always teaches the hard.

I finally understood how work the agreements. I have just written two accompanying for songs of an old friend of school with which one we made of the music, in illo tempore ! Concert at the end of May 2003

Hobbies ? Since the end of the school, I am interested in the history of the Jewish people. The interest never contradicted itself. For some years, I make as well in the construction and in the renovation of the houses as one bought himself. We in the campaign. Quiet and active.

My life, that's right. Reading, music and renovations. And friendly meetings around a good table and around a good wine, with friends that one loves a lot. It set there really more badly than me.



The term of medieval music is very general term. This era began with the fall of the Roman Empire and ended near 15th century. It is often associated with Christianity, but can also be secular.

Several musical forms appeared during this period, especially polyphony, courtly, Mass and court music.