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VALETTE Bertrand

VALETTE Bertrand

Born in 1982 in Oullins (in the Rhône, France), I started music at the age of 12 by studying the saxophone, an instrument for which I took lessons for 15 years.

In parallel, I played junior school orchestra music until I was 18 and I joined the harmony « L’abeille » from Pierre-Benite.

I began studying the flute at age 21 and I am currently in graduate school for this instrument.

I still play in the harmony « L’abeille »," but I've also been integrated Orchestra Flute Rhone and occasionally the harmony from Tarare, without forgetting the harmony of Oullins I played for a few years.

During these years of musical career, I had the opportunity to play at the Labour Exchange, in the Auditorium as well as the Opera from Lyon. This gave me the chance to do a concert with Juliette Hurel (flute solo of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra).

Alongside my studies flutist, for 9 years I have participated in music conducting courses every summer.

And of course, I composed ... hence my presence on this site. You can also find videos of my songs (and others that I have the pleasure of playing) on Youtube.



Romantic style was, at the beginning, a literary movement. In music this term is referring from about 1830 until the end of the century. Composers
attempted to increase emotional expression and power to describe deeper truths or human feelings.

From this time, music is considered as major art form, not only as work of talented artisans.