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DURAND Stéphan et DUPONT Pierre-Emmanuel

DURAND Stéphan et DUPONT Pierre-Emmanuel

Stephan and I we knew since very for a long time, because Stephan being a friend of my small brother, I often had the occasion to see him … But without more affinity than it.

It is on the occasion of the summer 2001 that our friendship really began. In fact, Stephan came home to see my brother, he put himself in the piano and played Boogie-Woogie (Pinetop Boogie-Woogie). What started my passion for the piano generally and for this music type in particular. Since, we do not stop seeing each other to improvise and compose fragments of Boogie and Blues. Here is the beginning of our history !

We are not another music group, but we hope that one day we shall reach a level which can allow us to be considered as it. At the moment, we learn to play together and to collect our key points to produce a good piece.

Roughly, if one should define our respective qualities, Stephan possesses the style and I the ardour. Stephan allows to centre me while giving some charm to the piece which we play, and I bring him my rate to look of the vigour to the piece.

We complement each other marvellously and begin to make of the music which pleases us. We hope one day we can meet the big pianists of Boogie Woogie and, which knows, maybe to play with them.




Baroque style is originally from Italy, mainly in cities of Rome, Venice, Mantua and Florence between 16th and 17th century. It was affected the whole of Europe.

Its many decorations, its dramatic tensions and sometimes pompous exuberance was extended up to music and inspire sculpture, painting, literature and architecture.

The term "Baroque" may still be used, usually pejoratively, it signify something which have excessive ornamentation or complexity.