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WINNER Joseph Eastburn

Born in Philadelphia in 1837, Joseph Eastburn Winner was a composer and music publisher, son of instrument maker, Joseph E. Winner, Sr.
His brother Septimus Winner was also a composer and music publisher in Philadelphia.
The two brothers were partners in the music business from 1845 to 1854.
Alone, Joseph E. Winner operated a publishing business in Philadelphia from 1854 to 1907.
He often used his middle name, Eastburn, as a pseudonym on his compositions.
Joseph E. Winner is best known for his popular song, “The Little Brown Jug”.
He died in 1918.



Romantic style was, at the beginning, a literary movement. In music this term is referring from about 1830 until the end of the century. Composers
attempted to increase emotional expression and power to describe deeper truths or human feelings.

From this time, music is considered as major art form, not only as work of talented artisans.