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Ostinato n°1

The ostinato n°1 is a piece which is of use as conclusion to the suite for piano "Saint Quentin, ville nouvelle" although having before been written. It follows upon a prelude, and the group honours the children of the School of Saint François d' Assise de Montigny Le Bretonneux who were the victims of the avalanche of Orres in January, 1998. It is dedicated to Estelle, a pupil, who had the luck to be alive.


Fax to Elise

The short version of Fax à Elise whom you can download here is the first part of a composition which makes 4 minutes 30. The long version was written for a spectacle of dance and piano the first of which took place in the Cultural Space Alphonse Daudet of Coignières in May, 2001. I imagine the history of a child working his exercises on the subject of the " Letter to Elise " and which dreams that he becomes a pianist, the fingers playing without efforts on the keyboard, reinventing Beethoven's work.




Hi !

I'm Sarah G. Nobary. I'm born in 1983 ( 7'th of February ), in Kermaanshaah, a western city in Iran. Now I live in Tehran ,the capital of Iran.

I've started playing the violin in the age of 14 and I have learned a little piano in the age of 18. Now I am finishing the study of Harmony. I love music and composition very much, but my main field of education is microbiology. I like it very much. I study microbiology in Tehran university . I want to be a researcher and a composer one day.

I am also doing some research works with one of my best friends and with the guidance of one of our biochemistry professors. I wish I can continue my studies in England or another European country.

I love my parents and my brother very much . We live in a nice home in northern Tehran and have great days. I have a lot of good friends. We enjoy our time in the university and out of it ! We also help each other in our lessons.

I am a loyal person and like loyal people. You know, we ( my friends and I ) talk to each other when we feel blue.




Modernism was essentially an outgrowth of historicism. It is referring from about the first part to the second part of the 20th century.

It didn't break with the Classical and Romantic period as the visual arts and literature. However, this style has no clear unity, it is characterized by an abundance of experiences and innovations.