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MOZART Wolfgang-Amadeus

MOZART Wolfgang-Amadeus

His name has become synonymous with virtuosity and genius. Mozart was died young at 35. He was a master in all musical genres of his time.

Pianist and violinist of great talent, he gave to the history of music a rich work in which he conducted the concerto, the symphony and the sonata to an unrepeatable level of perfection. These forms became, after him, the mains forms of classical music. He also had a great mastery of opera, which brought him considerable success.



The revival of interest in Greek and Roman culture between the 15th and 16th century influenced significantly the art in general and especially music.

The beginning of the Renaissance in music is a point of debate but the end date is hardly contestable because it marked the entry into the Baroque period. Invention of printing allowed a wide dissemination in Europe and took part in outbreak of many composers.